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Additional Resources

CM - What are the basic responsibilities for a Schooling Show dressage Show Secretary?

Level 1

  • Prize List on website
  • Receive competition entries for scheduling of show
  • Schedule show and email PDF files with Day Sheets and Show Rider Times to competition host site
  • Post Day Sheets and Show Rider Times on website.
  • Email ride times to competitors
  • Provide labeled tests which identify show name, bridle number, class/test, rider, horse, ride time and judge
  • Provide bridle tags for each competitor
  • Forward Profit & Loss Statement generated from competition entries, any refunds due, competition entries and checks to competition host site
Level 2
  • Includes everything in Level 1
  • On site Show Secretary the day of show 
    • Check-in competitors 
    • Handle class adds/scratches during show 
    • Score dressage tests 
    • Pin classes 
    • Provide current copy of USEF/USDF/USEA/IDCTA rule books for use by competitors and show management
  • Publish show results on website
  • Email results to requested clubs, organizations, etc.