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CM - What are the general responsibilities for a USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized dressage Show Secretary?

  • Must be an active Senior Member of USEF and USDF.
  • Prepare prize list.
  • Send prize list to USEF & USDF a minimum of 30 days prior to start of competition.
  • Order bridle numbers or delegate to committee.
  • Receive and organize competition entries for completeness.
  • Schedule ride times following USEF & USDF dressage rules.
  • Send entry confirmations to riders. Notify competitor of missing documentation and/or additional funds due.
  • Obtain USDF/USEF/FEI tests.
  • Send Competition Day Sheets to Volunteer Coordinator and person responsible for the show program.
  • Create competitor envelopes.
  • Inventory supplies for judges, office, scoring and stewards.
  • Label tests and organize by rings.
  • Set up ring packets with dressage tests, bells, pens, etc. for scribes
  • Set up ring packets with Order of Go, USEF Attire & Equipment Book, disposable gloves, measuring tools, etc.
  • During the show:
    • Check in competitors and collect missing documentation and any balance due shown on entry form.
    • Post ride times by noon for the next days’ rides.
    • Calculate dressage test scores.
    • Post scores after class is completed.
    • Follow scheduled watering and arena drags.
    • Return dressage tests to competitors after class is completed along with ribbons/prizes for the class.
    • Be available for questions from competitors and officials.
  • Send all fees and required forms to USEF & USDF.
  • Electronically transmit scores to USEF & USDF on or before 10 days after the last day of the competition.