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CM - What are the basic responsibilities for a Schooling Show dressage Manager?

  • The event owner, who is usually the show manager, should have available the facility show office, public announcement system, portable toilets, food service, arena footing, judges' stands, stalls, waste disposal, local feed store directions, arena markers, office equipment, two-way radios, grounds layout, etc.
  • Secure Judges – Contract, (day fee, travel, hotel, food.)
  • Set up committee meetings to make sure that all show requirements are getting done: volunteers, sponsorships, entertainment, vendors, grounds etc.
  • Communicate with Show Secretary to determine necessary volunteer positions for show: announcer, photographer, scribes, ring stewards, scorers, equipment checkers, test runners, arena personnel, stable help, post-show clean-up crew, etc.
  • Order ribbons/trophies/prizes or delegate to committee.
  • Make deposits and pay expenses .
  • Pay officials & staff as they finish.
  • Create and post at competition, stabling chart for horses.
  • Oversees show and appoint a Technical Delegate if any problems occur at the show.